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Cook back after Tommy John surgery Wouldn't you know it? Phil Cook runs out to his shortstop position for the first time since Tommy John surgery, and the first batter hits a ground ball to the Whitefish Bay Dominican senior. "I was just in shock when Phil came home from the doctor and said he needed Tommy John surgery," said second year Dominican coach Brian Geittmann. "I knew his elbow was hurt, but I never thought it was that bad. The coaches were even joking around a little bit calling Phil 'TJ' because we thought there was no way a 17 year old kid was going to need that surgery. "We stopped laughing when our worst fears came true." Cooktrue." Cook cheap authentic Spurs jerseys free shipping was injured playing defensivedefensive cheap Spurs jerseys from china free shipping end on the football team in a game against Racine Lutheran in the fall. He says he was trying to get past the offensive tackle and got cut blocked. A helmet or shoulder pad hit Cook's elbow and it hyper extended it to the point of tearing the ligament. Milwaukee Brewers' surgeon William Raasch performed the procedure Oct. 30, and Cook was in a range of motion cast for about two months. He also missed several baseball camps, including a showcase in Orlando for one week. "It was really frustrating," Cook said. "I couldn't even run because they took a ligament out of my hamstring and put it in my elbow to replace the torn one." But Cook was determined. "I found him in the batting cage hitting off the tee with his left hand only," Geittmann said. "Phil was convinced he was going to be in the lineup swinging with one hand." The plan was to play Cook at first base until he could move back to short. "I mean, Phil showedshowed cheap authentic Spurs jerseys up to the open gym in December with his right arm only able to move six inches and was picking bad throws from the gym floor," Geittmann said. By the time practice started in March, Cook was throwing a ball 50 times at a distance of 60 feet. Because of the weather, Dominican didn't play its first game until April 15, giving Cook's arm more time to regain strength. Two days later, he was throwing runners out from his shortstop position and has been therethere cheap Spurs authentic jerseys ever since. Cook's offense hasn't been hampered, either. The four year starter and Cardinal Stritch recruit is hitting .682 (15 of 22) with 10 runs batted in, eight runs and six stolen bases after eight games. "I thought he was going to be a first baseman and we'd have to DH for him," Geittmann said. "I didn't think he'd be able to swing at all. When I heard the news in October that he needed Tommy John surgery, right away I thought no way a 17 year old kid needs this surgery. I've heard about the pros having it. "When he told me, I thought he was done for the year. Maybe the end of May we'd get him in at first base. I had no expectations of getting him in the lineuplineup Spurs jerseys for sale from opening day."