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1 million from lottery scratcher Tuesday to confirm what their eyes told them. After more than 30 years of playing the lottery, the couple finally landed a whopper. The winning scratcher, one of the California Lottery's Black Exclusive Scratchers, was purchased for $10 by Willy DeVecchio at Elite Liquors at Herndon and Marks avenues in northwest Fresno. DeVecchio said she and her husband usually stop by the liquor store several times a week what they've done for about eight years to play the lottery. Willy DeVecchio is retired from a career in food service, once owning a restaurant in Oakhurst in the 1980s, and her husband worked for almost 40 years as a service technician at Sears. Before their $1 million win Tuesday, the couple was shopping for a new kitchen stove at Sears and gripinggriping Browns jerseys china about the prices. No longer. They haven't decided what they'll spend their $1 million on, but said they don't want to move from Fresno. Pete DeVecchio was born and raised in the city and they like their two bedroom, two bathroom condo . They live a relatively quiet life and stick around the house, mostly. They enjoy watching television shows "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune," along with the "anticipation" of playing the lottery, Willy DeVecchio said. Without children or pets, and no memberships with service groups or clubs, she added they are "free as a bird." But, she said they will likely give some winnings away to family. In the past, Willy DeVecchio won $500 a couple times from lottery scratchers, and once $1,000, but never something this big. According to the lottery, there have been three $1 million winners via these scratchers, with 21 more $1 million tickets available. The odds for a $1 million win isis cheap Browns jersey one in 1,200,000 people, according to the website. Thewebsite. The cheap Browns jerseys from china free shipping DeVecchios paid a visit to EliteElite cheap Browns jerseys china Liquors on Tuesday afternoon with their ceremonial, oversized $1 million check to share the good news with owner Bob Bhaurla. Willy DeVecchio was "very"very Browns jerseys cheap excited and was kind of shaking" when she walked back in, Bhaurla said.