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´╗┐Andy Williams back in Drumheller Andy Williams has returned to the team for the 2010 2011 season and is right in the thick of things. The 20 year old has begun his second and final season with the Dragons and said in the case of the team, there's nowhere to go but up. "The team goal for the year was to make the playoffs," he said. "Last year, we finished deaddead 49ers jerseys cheap last, so this season, we made it a goal to finish inin wholesale cheap 49ers jerseys the top four and stick to that. So far, we've battled hard every night and we'll keep on going." Williams was the team's starting goaltender on opening night and did play in the team's first few games, but he's seen no action in the last five games as the coaching staff has decided to dress Cole Cheveldave. Williams said he's anxious to get back in and earn back the starting spot. "I have top five numbers in the league, so it's tough," he said. "You don't like to sit and watch. When the team's winning, it's good, but when you're losing, especially one goal games, it hurts even more because I feel like I can get in there and help get us back in the win column. I could be in there and I think I can get back in there." For now, all Williams can do is play the waiting game and take advantage ofof 49ers jerseys cheap the ice time given to him when it comes, he said. "Right now, all I can do is work hard at practice and take my chances when I get them and hopefully, not give them a reason to take me out when I get back in," he said. Calls to head coach and general manager Dan Price were not returned as of press time. The current AJHL season is still in its infancy, having played for just under four weeks so far, meaning the standings are still wide open. Williams said things should begin to open up around the holiday season. "Last year, the three top teams were all alone at the top, the middle teams were bunched together and the bottom two teams were way out of it," he said. "Right now, everyone is beating everyone and no one is really dominating. You could lose big one night, then win big thethe cheap 49ers jerseys from china next night and the same could happen to the team you played the night before." Williams is looking at his options once the season comescomes cheap china 49ers jerseys free shipping to an end and they include school. He said the hope is to grab a scholarship to a Canadian university of some kind. "I'd like to stay in Canada if I can, preferably the west," he said. "I'd like the University of Alberta, but CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) is the goal."