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´╗┐StairMaster great for legs One of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment for cardiovascular training is the StairMaster. How does It work? The StairMaster comprises two footplates on which the exerciser stands. An internal chain pulls each plate up to the top automatically asas womens Lakers shirts you shift your body weight from foot to foot, simulating the motion of climbing stairs. The intensity of a workout on the StairMaster is controlled by a simple push button that allows you to control the speed at which each leg descends with each weight transfer. What are the benefits? The four biggest benefits are its ability to increase your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, improve muscle conditioning in your legs and buttocks, as well as improve balance. Thebalance. The Lakers home jersey StairMaster has also been used to rehabilitate hips and knees after injury or surgery. Can it cause problems? Although the StairMaster is considered a safe piece of fitness equipment, it does require weight bearing, balance and loading the front part of your knees. If you have a history of hip or knee joint pain, have difficulty with stairs or have balance problems, there is an above average chance the StairMaster may worsen your troubles. Check with your physician or a physical therapist for an alternative form of cardiovascular training, such as stationary cycling. Anyone with cardiovascular problems or who is over the age of 50 should consult their physician before attempting the StairMaster. The sweat factor Given the large muscles used with the StairMaster, it has tremendous potential to generate sweat and burn calories. The key to seeing maximum results, however, is not holding the handrails or supporting your upper body weight by leaning on them. Unless you have a problem with balance that requires you to hold on to the handrails, you are only cheating yourself into a false impression of your fitness level and the calories burned during your workout. It takes significantly more strength, balance and conditioning to do the StairMaster without using your hands. The learning curve Part of the success of the StairMaster is the ease involved in learning how to use it. You should have it masteredmastered new Lakers jerseys in less than three minutes. The key to learning how to use it isn't to push down with each stride, but rather to learn how to shift your weight rhythmically from one leg to the other. If you've never usedused youth Lakers jersey a StairMaster before, ask a weight floor supervisor, personal trainer or fitness equipment salesperson how to use it. What do you need? Apart from the StairMaster itself, you'll need a pair of running shoes, shorts and T shirt. Bring along a water bottle and a sweat towel. How to start Despite the fact you may be healthy and fit, the StairMaster does use muscles and joints in a different way than other pieces of cardiovascular equipment. For this reason, begin slowly and progress the intensity and duration of your workouts by no more than 20 per cent from one workout to the next. That means,means, wholesale jerseys Lakers cheap if you exercised for 10 minutes one day, the maximum you'd use it the following workout would be 12 minutes, 15 minutes the next and so forth. The purpose of this strategy is to give your joints and muscles the opportunity to repair themselves and to prevent overuse injuries from developing. Where do I find it? StairMasters are among the most popular pieces of home gym equipment, along with treadmills and stationary bikes. This is because they are excellent pieces of equipment offering cardiovascular and muscle conditioning, and require very little space in a home gym. Before purchasing one for home use, visit a fitness club and make a point of using it at least eight to 10 times and compare it to other forms of cardiovascular training.